Drawing blanks on the new president

A major component of my high anxiety over Trump’s America is there is no precedent for this president.

Forget Hitler and Mussolini and Nixon; Schwarzenegger, Berlusconi and Jesse Ventura.

From bad to worse, they were all fully formed humans. Members of an identifiable species.

They were definable. Easily categorized.

But I doubt Aristotle, Freud and Darwin could reach a consensus on the makeup of the 45th president of the United States.

Cue Rod Serling:

You are about to enter another dimension … Next stop, the Twilight Zone.

The combination of words and actions – and hair – make Trump unlike any human I’ve ever known, seen or heard.

That’s why, since the election, I have been searching for the right word, or words, to compare Trump to anyone – or anything.

He is certainly a first. But not a first in the same sense as any of his predecessors.

JFK was the first Catholic president. Obama the first black president.

But I’m stumped — help, please — when I attempt to fill in this blank with one word:

Donald Trump is the first ________ president.

Let’s broaden the field, beyond past presidents – and humans.

Perhaps a fictional character. Or, as in the old game of 20 Questions, feel free to define Trump as animal, vegetable or mineral to complete the following sentence:

Having Donald Trump in the White House is like having ________ as president of the United States.

(Note: Do not purloin Bill Maher’s suggestion the orange one is the spawn of an orangutan.)

Now, try this analogy:

Donald Trump is to Barack Obama as ________ is to ________.

Please take your best shot at any or all of the above and send to me.

I will compile and reprint the most astute.