One Flake not a blizzard of righteousness

No matter what happens to the raving lunatic the Republicans are trying to put on the Supreme Court, it’s going to take a lot more than a flash of conscience from Jeff Flake and a blue wave in November to cleanse Washington of the rancid stench of the GOP.

Even if Brett Kavanaugh is sent packing – goes home, gets drunk, gropes the babysitter, blacks out, and wakes up at the Yale Club in Elba – there is still a long list of right-wing political hacks in black robes ready to step up.

They know the job description: Do the bidding of powerful bloodsucking billionaires at the expense of everybody else while conning the zealots and rubes – Jesus freaks, gun nuts, coal miners, Trump University alumni – by stripping rights from minorities and women.

(Most Republicans politicians don’t give a shit about fetuses. They just want the power to tell some teenage girl: You have to have that baby and when you can’t afford to house and feed the kid, you’re on your own.)

The GOP mantra was emblazoned on the jacket of The Third Wife last June when she went to check out children kidnapped at the border.



The message – I really don’t care. Do you? – could serve as a thought bubble in every cartoon of a Republican politician answering questions:

Have you ever considered right versus wrong? Don’t care.

Truth versus lies? Don’t care.

Facts versus bullshit? Don’t care.

Poisoned water in Flint? Don’t care.

Babies in cages? Don’t care.

Russians in the woodwork? Don’t care.

Even if the Democrats take the House – and the Senate – in the midterms, Putin’s Agent Orange will still be in the Oval Office.

Even if Robert Mueller brands the president, his family and campaign a criminal enterprise and subsidiary of the Kremlin, Dumbass Donnie won’t walk away without doing something batshit crazy – riling up hordes of ignorant, racist, paranoid, hair-trigger white folks.

Remember when he said “Second Amendment people” might take care of Hillary if he lost?

When Nixon finally quit, he said: “As president, I must put America first.”

When Gerry Ford was sworn in the next day, he declared: “Our long national nightmare is over.”

I remember Watergate well. At the time, the coverup seemed to take forever to unravel:

  • May 17, 1973 – Senate Watergate hearings begin; special prosecutor appointed the next day.
  • Oct. 20, 1973 – Saturday night massacre.
  • May 9, 1974 – Impeachment hearings begin.
  • July 24, 1974 – Supreme Court rules Nixon must surrender the tapes.
  • Aug. 9, 1974 – Adios Tricky Dick.

When the corruption and criminality became clear, it was Republicans who took the sharpest knife to Nixon. On the Senate Watergate committee, Lowell Weicker of Connecticut was perhaps the smartest and toughest questioner of all the president’s men in the witness chair.

Lowell Weicker

The latest national nightmare has already lasted months longer – nonstop screaming meemies since November 9, 2016 – with no end in sight.

Forget the Republicans coming to the rescue this time.

The GOP side of the Senate committee running the Kavanaugh hearing, before the nothing-to-lose-lame-duck Flake engineered an investigation of the creepy judge, was unanimous in its indifference:

Alleged sexual predator? Don’t care.

Serial liar? Don’t care.

Crazed conspiracy theorist? Don’t care.

Rageaholic? Don’t care.

Even if Kavanaugh is replaced by a less vulnerable Republican reactionary, the court will still have a majority hell-bent on taking the country back to the Gilded Age, a shithole of corruption in a gold-plated outhouse.

Even if Trump is hauled off in handcuffs or a straightjacket, Pastor Pence – a more stable, dependable Republican stooge – will still be next in line.

Whatever happens, don’t hold your breath waiting for any leaders of the red team to turn blue. And that includes the onetime never-Trumpers.

Mitt Romney solicited – and received – the president’s endorsement in his current campaign in Utah for the U.S. Senate.

George Bush is campaigning for GOP candidates and calling senators to vote for his old pal Brett Kavanaugh.

Republicans First! America second.

Russian T-shirts
Supporters wearing “I’d rather be Russian than Democrat” T-shirts at a Trump rally in Ohio in August

Talk about a Red Scare. This is what you get from 50 years of fear-mongering – from Nixon to Reagan, Bush to Bush, the Tea Party to the Freedom Caucus. GOP uber alles.

One spark of integrity from one Flake won’t catch fire in Trumpistan, where Der Leader has warned of violence if the Democrats win the midterms.

Sounds like another call to those “Second Amendment people.”

P.S. – I have my absentee ballot and I’m going to vote anyway.

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One thought on “One Flake not a blizzard of righteousness

  1. Nice column. How have American voters allowed it to get this bad? How have they allowed the education system to be so hollowed out that people are incapable of the critical thought needed to see through such an obvious conman as Trump? Why do they vote against their own interests just because a TV ad funded by dark money tells them to? And I fear it’s creeping north of the border.


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