9/11 reduced to a slogan

On September 11, 2019, I kept seeing the words: Never forget.

And kept thinking: Never forget what?

Never forget the sight of the towers going up?

Never forget that Carl Furillo, the great right-fielder of my Brooklyn Dodgers, worked on a crew installing elevators in the towers?

Never forget driving to work on the Long Island Expressway in the early 1970s and watching the sun set between the towers? 

Never forget Aunt Fay’s birthday party in Windows on the World in 1986, where three-month-old daughter Lacey slept under a table?

Never forget that day in 2001 when I awakened to the news?

Never forget sitting in my home in suburban Toronto watching TV replays of the plane exploding on impact with the North Tower?

Never forget seeing the second plane smash into the South Tower?

Never forget the South Tower collapsing?

Never forget the North Tower collapsing a half-hour later?

Never forget all my unanswered calls to family in New York – before all were accounted for?

Never forget the 2,977 people who died?

Never forget the fear, shock, grief, confusion and chaos?

Never forget the expressions of condolence from people around the world?

Never forget the days I spent in a TV newsroom supervising coverage of the story?

Never forget all the people in Kansas and Oklahoma and Mississippi and Alabama who suddenly seemed to give a damn about New York?

Never forget that Rudy Giuliani was called “America’s mayor”?

Never forget the pilgrimage Linda and I and the kids made to New York on the Thanksgiving after 9/11?

Never forget crossing the George Washington Bridge and looking south to the empty space where the towers once stood?

Never forget the feeling of going with Linda to Ground Zero?

 Never forget that most of the hijackers were Saudis?

Never forget Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other al Qaeda sons of bitches?

Never forget the war in Afghanistan?

Never forget the Bush-Cheney bullshit to make war in Iraq?

Never forget all who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq since 9/11?

Never forget the American sense of unity right after 9/11 was a mirage?

Never forget that Ground Zero was merely a piece of valuable real estate?

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